We have a large matted area for stretching, foam rolling, functional exercise, body weight exercise, and anything other exercises you need a matted space for.


Our free Weight area is perfect for everyone. A lot of facilities have their weight areas hidden away. However, we have ours on full display so everyone can feel comfortable using the equipment. We always have a Fitness Instructor in this area to aid you with any technique you may have an issue with. You will never find yourself waiting for equipment in our free weight area with Dumbbells in abundance. We have four sets of Dumbbells up to 10kg, two sets up to 25kg, and 1 set going all the way up to 40kg.  In addition to this we have two squat racks, a smith machine, around 600kg of rubber Olympic weight plates, plyometric boxes and a trap bar.

We have a large collection of Cardiovascular Equipment to suit the needs of all our members. These include; Concept Two Rowing Ergo-meters, Treadmills all iPod ready with Freeview, Steppers, Cross Trainers, a large variety of Cycles, as well as a Hand Bike with disabled access.

We have all of the resistance machines you will require for any workout whether it be for lean muscle growth, fat loss, sports performance, or strength. Here is a list of all our resistance machines;  Chest Press, Pec Deck, Lateral Pull Down, Leg Extension, Abdominal Curl, Adductor, Abductor, Ab Coaster, Seated Row, Leg Press, Lower Back Extension, Arm Curl, Assisted Chin & Dip, Seated Leg Curl, Shoulder Press, Two Axis Pulley, & Dual Multi Pulley.