Football Pitch Hire – Book a Local 11-a-side Pitch

In North London and searching for a spacious football pitch? The Hive London offers the perfect solution with our premium 11-a-side football pitches. Conveniently located in Canons Park, on the grounds of the historical Prince Edward Playing Fields, our facility meets the diverse needs of football teams and leagues.

The Hive provides an outstanding environment for players seeking top-level pitches close to home. Our variety of pitches are crafted to meet the demands of 11-a-side football, ensuring a satisfying and engaging experience for teams of all skill levels.

11-a-side Football Pitches Near You

For those looking to play 11-a-side football locally, The Hive London is your go-to destination. Our large-scale pitches cater to full-sized teams, ideal for league matches, training sessions, and competitive tournaments. They offer a professional setting for serious play as well as a welcoming atmosphere for more casual, friendly games.

Quality Maintenance and High Standards

Maintaining high standards for our 11-a-side pitches is a top priority at The Hive London. We ensure that each pitch is in excellent condition, thanks to our dedicated maintenance team. They work year-round to keep the playing surface consistent and reliable, so you can have a top-quality game any time of the year.



£190 - £320 Per Hour
  • Peak Time

  • Mon - Fri 6pm - 11pm
  • Saturday 7:30am - 11pm
  • Sunday 7:30am - 5pm
  • Off Peak Time

  • Mon - Fri 7:30am - 6pm
  • Sunday 5pm - 11pm

Advanced Pitch Technology

Our 11-a-side pitches utilise advanced technology, providing a playing surface that rivals the best in the region. These pitches are designed for the rigours of full-sized football, offering durability and a realistic playing experience that mimics natural grass conditions.

Designed for Diverse Football Activities

Whether it’s a competitive league match, a community tournament, or a regular training session, our pitches are versatile enough to accommodate all kinds of 11-a-side football activities. The superior drainage systems and even playing surfaces ensure that your game can proceed smoothly, no matter the weather.

A Hub for Football Lovers

The Hive London is more than just a place to play football, it’s a community hub where teams and players can gather to celebrate their love for the sport. Our 11-a-side pitches are where local football enthusiasts unite, creating an atmosphere where sportsmanship and camaraderie thrive.

Why Choose The Hive London for Your Football Team?

Convenient Location

Perfectly positioned in North London, The Hive is easily accessible for teams and players. With ample parking and good public transport links, it’s an ideal venue for local football teams looking for quality pitches nearby.

Exceptional Facilities

Stand out in your local area with our pitches, which feature cutting-edge technology for an unmatched playing experience. Their design ensures consistency and quality for every game, irrespective of weather conditions.

Additional Team Amenities

Beyond the pitches, The Hive offers amenities to enhance your team’s experience. Our changing rooms and refreshment areas are designed to support teams before and after games, adding to the overall experience of playing at The Hive.

Effortless Booking for Local Football Teams

Booking an 11-a-side football pitch at The Hive London is straightforward and efficient. Visit our booking page, select your desired date, time, and pitch, and you’re set for your team’s next big game. Our system accommodates both one-off bookings and regular reservations, simplifying the process for teams and leagues.

Contact Us for Team Bookings

Experience the best of local football at The Hive London. Our large pitches are ready for all levels of 11-a-side play, set in the vibrant football community of North London.

For any questions about hiring our 11-a-side pitches or assistance with booking, our team is here to help. We’re committed to ensuring every team enjoys their time on our pitches, with a focus on convenience and quality service.

Contact us now to schedule your team’s next match and experience the difference at The Hive London.